Enterprise Architecture: SOCIETAL FOUNDATION

26 Oct 2016

Enterprise Architecture: SOCIETAL FOUNDATION

Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, is the foundation for society for the next several hundred years. Industrial Product architecture was the foundation for industry for the last several hundred years. Until the Product Industries agreed upon standards for Architectural descriptive representations, they were limited to individual craftsmen creativity. Once they agreed what constitutes an ontological knowledgebase for tangible products, that is, Architecture, sophistication expoded. At the end of the Industrial Age, we now think hundred story buildings, Airbus 380’s, super computers, ocean-liners, etc. are normal. Similarily, until the Information Industry agrees to a standard ontological knowledgebase of descriptive representations, we are limited to individual crftsmanship. I propose the ontological structure upon which sophistication can explode and “hundred story” Enterprises will become commonplace.

* A sense of urgency

* The Enterprise ontological structure

* A strategy for complexity and change